• Scientific and critical-historical study on paintings, drawings, sculptures antiques, furniture from XV century to present.
    Estimate of ancient and modern artworks, attributions and expertise.
  • Inventory activities and cataloguing; study and valorisation of artistic heritage.
  • Estimates for insurance and inventory aims and estates divisions;
  • Planning of cultural events, ancient art exhibitions and retrospectives about contemporary artists.
  • Managing of cultural events and ancient and modern art exhibitions; creation and coordination of team works.
  • Consulting for the creation and valorisation of ancient and modern art exhibitions.
  • Providing administrative support in exporting artistic assets abroad.
  • Providing administrative support in issuing authenticity certificates to foundations and guarantors of 18th-century Italian and European artists.
  • Assistance and supervision of restoration operations; condition report drafting.
  • Critical-historical research activity, bibliographic research, art textbook writing; teaching and guided tours.

For information and estimates please visit my contact page where you can send pictures or documents to view to me.