Pietro Di Natale

Art historian - Consultant of antique and modern art

All art is imitation of nature.


The historian is not one who knows. He is one who seeks.

(L. Febvre)

A life without research is not worth living for man .


Pietro Di Natale was born in Bologna in 1981. Since he graduated from the University of Bologna in History of Modern Art with a dissertation about the seventeenth-century painter Matteo Loves, he has specialised in painting and sculpture from XVI to XIX century, developing a particular interest in the artistic context of his city as well as of Emilia-Romagna region. Deeply involved in scientific-research activities, Pietro is a valuable expert able to advice ancient art galleries, private collectors, foundations and museums. He has catalogued public and private collections and he has organised and managed cultural events and ancient art exhibitions like La Via crucis ritrovata (Museo della Sanità e dell’Assistenza, Bologna, 2010), Il Giardino Segreto. Grandes maestros de la pintura italiana in the Vittorio Sgarbi’s collection ( Casa del Cordón, Burgos, 2013), Teoria de la belleza. Pintura italiana in the Vittorio Sgarbi’s collection (Museo Nazionale di San Carlos, Mexico City, 2014), Da Cimabue a Morandi. Felsina pittrice ( Palazzo Fava, Bologna, 2015), Il Tesoro d’Italia (Padiglione Eataly, Milano, EXPO 2015). Pietro is also passionate of contemporary art and encourages the promotion of young artists as well as the valorisation of the contemporary masters.

He is also curator of Fondazione Cavallini Sgarbi and scientific supervisor for the General Archive of the sculptors Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani.